(oops it's the end of March and im only starting December now)

December had very little classes because we had our practical exam on the 11th of December. The highlight of my December is that my sister visited me (since December 18th) for two weeks! yay! We went to Belgium for waffles and fries and also Strasbourg for the Christmas market. I also took her to Disney (her fave) and went up to the Eiffel tower for dinner (and we had to walk from level 1 to level 2 for the views - Jenny almost ran out of breath) December was probably my favorite month in 2018 because it's just full of AMAZING memories. Oh also my birthday was in December - nothing special - went out for birthday brunch with my friends then we sat in a cafe to look at the Eiffel Tower for the rest of the day until sunset haha

Anyways cakes in December were great except one green strawberry that even now I still don't understand why.

Lesson 24-27

(if you are on your phone, you probably can’t see the descriptions) :(

The written exam in November included,

  • 20 multiple choices

  • 10 true/false

  • 10 matching

The questions can be everything taught during classes but mostly focused on the recipes. I thought it was a simple exam but I did worse than I expected (oops haha) And the worst thing is we don’t get to know what we got wrong.. which I hate because we are supposed to learn from mistakes, aren’t we? but we can’t. Even if we asked specifically that we want to know what we did wrong on the exam - we can’t - there is no way. (sigh)

The practical exam is just like a regular practical, you have three hours to work but you have to have the final product ready by 2h30 and the rest 30 mins for clean up. Just before a month before the exam, we were given a list of recipes we might be tested on. All these recipes are recipes we have made before. only the ingredients are given during the exam. Our term had much more students than other terms before so exam at different time were tested a different recipe.

The first group were tested Paris Brest - the one I don’t want the most

The second time slot were tested Saint Honore

The third one was Dacquoise - I think the easiest of all

I was actually happy to get Saint Honore (as long as it’s not Paris Brest I’m happy)

During the exam, I think I was calm for the most part. I was very grateful for my partner, Gina. She was also calm and finished quickly. Unfortunately we did not get to work next to each other for the exam because we were graded anonymously but luckily we were just across each other hehe

How did i do?
I thought the colour of my caramel was pretty but I under-whipped my chantilly cream so my piping wasn’t great
oh & we also had to prepare a tart for the exam but we’ve made many tarts during basic so that wasn’t a problem except we were kind of short on time because Saint Honore had a lot of steps,

(my grade didn’t turn out so great) I think I can do better next time though.. I hope I will :)

Thanks for reading
See you in January :)


Annie Chien