It’s been over three months since I’ve moved to France and I’ve just started writing my diary (very unproductive oops) Even though it’s been a while, I am still going to write them since these will help me remember my wonderful days in Paris in the future when I read them.

Learning patisserie in Paris has always been a dream to me, and I cannot believe that it is happening right now. Life in Paris has been busy, productive, and amazing. Many have told me that Paris is not as pretty and romantic as they expected.. but to me, I’ve been loving and enjoying Paris more and more everyday. Within the first month in Paris, I’ve gone through some downs in paperworks and the language but all these (troubles?) made me feel like I am improving and maturing everyday on various aspects.

I was pretty nervous in the first month of school at Le Cordon Bleu Paris but I was very glad to meet a lot of people with the same interests. Le Cordon Bleu is apparently the biggest culinary arts school in the world and has many locations in different countries. The Pastry Diploma I am enrolled in has three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Superior, and each level is three months long. This blog/diary is October so I will be sharing my practical experiences in making some traditional and basic desserts in Basic Patisserie.

Lesson 1 - Lesson 13

(if you are on your phone, you probably can’t see the descriptions) :(

If you actually looked through all, you probably realized there was no Lesson 11. Lesson 11 was just a demonstration class. We had a chef from boulangerie to demonstrate three different types of bread so we didn’t have practical class for that lesson.

I was going to explain how I did on each lessons but you can probably tell on how I did just by looking at the photos. No matter on how i did, I’ve learned a lot in the first month. Although these desserts/pastries may not be what I enjoy making/eating, learning these traditional and basic pastries were harder than I expected and are very important skills to know.

I don’t know how ‘the october me’ would write this diary but ‘the me now’ think I have improved in baking and learned the importance to treasure my times in Paris.

Just want to appreciate to all the good friends I have made in the first month
I even went on a two days trips to Rouen - will definitely share in the future when i have time/productive (lol)

Thanks for reading
See you in November :)


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